Concreting experts from across the globe will head to the beautiful South Australian city of Adelaide next month for an important summit that will help further raise the standards of the country’s construction and concrete industries. Concrete 2017 is the 28th Biennial National Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia and runs from the 22nd to the 25th of October, 2017. We recommend booking your tickets and accommodation¬†well in advance to secure the best prices!¬†

Improving The Concrete Pumping Industry

The focal point of Concrete 2017 is the theme “Advances in Concrete Materials and Structures.” Global leaders in the concrete industry are expected to discuss all aspects of concrete materials and structures, from design and research to construction, maintenance, and repair during the four-day event.

Apart from discussing timely issues and subjects involving the concrete industry, Concrete 2017 is also set to host the 3rd International Congress on Durability of Concrete or ICDC. ICDC is an international forum for exchanging research results and displaying how concrete will continue to create durable buildings and structures for sustainable development in both local and global contexts. This forum will be a huge help for those who provide concrete pumping and other related services as it aims to provide participants with the opportunity to meet each other and share interesting ideas, including the latest advances in concrete materials, as well as new and innovative ways to design and construct concrete structures.

Participants are highly encouraged to attend technical sessions and join in the interactive forum discussions to further boost their knowledge of the industry and profession they are in. They may also meet and interact with engineers, scientists, academics and professionals, both local and foreign, during the event while sampling some of the best food, wine, and sceneries only South Australia can offer.

South Coast Concrete Pumping

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