For residential, commercial, or civil projects, choosing the right concrete contractor is an essential element in your project success. But with so many providers out there, how can you determine which to select? There are many commonalities between trusted, reputable contractors in a range of fields. Once you know what to look for, it becomes easier to distinguish those providers of the highest quality. Alongside these, there are factors to consider specific to concrete and concrete pumping. Read on to discover our best tips for how to choose your concreting provider.

Look for a contractor with a strong reputation

One of the simplest ways to find a trustworthy concreting contractor is to ask around. An established business that is known in your general area, and comes highly recommended is nearly always a good choice. If you can’t get a firsthand recommendation, check out online reviews. A well-regarded business is often one that has been around for a long time. This is also a sign of hard-earned expertise. A contractor such as Milne Concrete Pumping is a good example, with 15 years in the business.

Choose a safe and fully insured operator

Concrete pouring and installation is a service which demands care and attention. You should not settle for a contractor who does not prioritise safety and security at every turn. To find out more about a potential contractors’ safety record, you can ask directly. Inquire about what steps they take to ensure a safe work environment. Perhaps even more importantly, ask what type of insurance they carry. A respectable concrete business should be fully insured with adequate cover.

Seek out a company that specialises or suits your specific project

If you have a unique civic project with concreting needs, it is likely you’ll be looking for a provider who has specialist knowledge in the service you need. It can be rare to find a company who specialises, but more likely to find one with a broad service spectrum. At Milne, we’ve partnered with organisations and private clients on all scales, and this has afforded us expert knowledge in areas commercial, civic, and residential. This skill and experience is invaluable and ideally suits us to handle nearly any concrete project.

Get additional information on their services

Find out how a contractor will be completing the work. This lets you know if they have the adequate resources and equipment to meet your needs, and showcases the diversity of their tools and abilities. Will they utilise a line pump or a boom pump? Understanding these approaches can help you to better compare concreting providers and can provide an inside look at the contractor’s skills, standards, and even their work ethic. This conversation should put you at ease and leave you feeling confident in the future work. Just conferring with a contractor for a short period can help you determine if they will be the right fit for your project.

Check out their previous work

A reliable contractor usually always has a portfolio displaying their work. Nowadays, this is generally an online portfolio, but if not, feel free to ask to see a physical one. This will showcase the quality of their work and can display how their concrete installations have held up over time. If possible, check out examples of older work. This can demonstrate the condition of their concrete after the passage of time.

An excellent price should be an added bonus

Lastly, you’ll want to find a contractor presenting a reasonable price. Sometimes, low ball offers seem appealing but are not in line with the finished product. Be sure to select first for quality, and second for price. At Milne, we pride ourselves on supplying competitive rates that don’t compromise quality. We understand every customer has a budget and we work hard to achieve the ideal end result at a price each client can afford.

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