Advantages Of Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are a popular choice for the foundation of homes and other development projects. When compared to other types of foundations (crawl space, basement and pier foundations for example), concrete proves to be a superior and more cost-effective material in most cases. So, what is a concrete slab foundation and why is it so advantageous?

What Is A Concrete Slab Foundation?

In simple terms, concrete slab floors are formed by digging perimeter footings and pouring concrete into the soil to create a slab. There are different types of concrete slabs. The type of slab created depends on the site and the climate.

Why Are Concrete Slabs So Popular?

Most builders favour using concrete slab foundations because they are relatively easy to install and reduce overall construction time. They are virtually maintenance free and can be designed to suit all soil conditions. The other main benefits of a concrete slab include:

  • Creates an effective moisture barrier
  • Affordable – cheaper than crawl spaces or basements
  • Durable (proper preparation is needed to control cracking)
  • Provides a protective barrier against burrowing insects like termites
  • Good thermal mass (helps maintain a comfortable internal temperature all year round)

Concrete can also be coloured and polished to create an attractive and contemproary floor for your home. 

Need a Concrete Slab in the Shoalhaven or Wollongong?

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