Concrete slabs are a popular choice for the foundation of homes and other development projects. When compared to other types of foundations (crawl space, basement and pier foundations for example), concrete proves to be a superior and more cost-effective material in most cases. So, what is a concrete slab foundation and why is it so advantageous?

What Is A Concrete Slab Foundation?

In simple terms, concrete slab floors are formed by digging perimeter footings and pouring concrete into the soil to create a slab. There are different types of concrete slabs. The type of slab created depends on the site and the climate.

Four Advantages of A Concrete Slab

Most builders favour using concrete slab foundations because they are relatively easy to install and reduce overall construction time. Four of the other main benefits include:

  • Creates an effective moisture barrier
  • Affordable – cheaper than crawl spaces or basements
  • Durable (proper preparation is needed to control cracking)
  • Provides a protective barrier against burrowing insects like termites

Concrete Slabs in the Shoalhaven & Wollongong

Milne Concrete Pumping provide a complete range of residential concrete services to Wollongong and the surrounding areas of the Shoalhaven and South Coast. If you need any of the following services:

  • Concrete house slabs or garage slabs
  • Concrete driveways, patios or walkways

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